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Published on 24 Apr 2019 / In Spiritual

-I don’t have any confidence about anything. but I have clarity.
-Do you ever get a superiority complex?
-complex means -you have assumed something about yourself and you have concretized that assumption in such a way, you make a bloody fool of yourself, wherever you go.
-I have no complex of any kind
-People think I have knowledge. No, my head is empty.
-Clarity means -You see things the way they are.
-Knowledge means- You have fixed information about everything.
-bring clarity to your life
- knowledge is conclusions that you gather.
-IF you think you're absolutely correct, then you will do stupid things and you blunder around the world.
-the most important aspect of your life is you are relevant.
-the important thing is you are relevant to the situation in which you exist.
-extinguish your confidence and bring clarity.
-our education system is dulling clarity in so many ways.
-people who are carrying information and
feeling superior, they will all be made into nothing, in the next fifteen to twenty years, information will mean nothing.
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